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Centre of Excellence for Robotic Surgery

For over five decades, surgeons at Ruby Hall Clinic have been at the forefront of surgical care while refining its techniques. We’re now changing the experience of surgery for the surgeon, the hospital and most importantly for the patient. Robotic technology takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand, introducing precise, versatile instrument movement.

Revolutionary surgical technology has arrived at our hospital – and it is in the form of a robot named the da Vinci Si® Surgical System. The robotic system is named after Leonardo da Vinci, inventor of the first robot who was known for his unparalleled anatomical accuracy and 3-D details that brought his masterpieces to life.

With the addition of the da Vinci, our surgeons now have helping hands in the operating room, providing enhanced dexterity, fine motor skills, precision and control during minimally invasive procedures and even multi-quadrant surgeries doing wonders to our surgical prowess.

Robotic Centre in Pune, Wanowarie - Ruby Hall Clinic


The use of robotics is changing surgical care dramatically. Robotic surgery differs from traditional laparoscopic surgery because surgeons are able to perform more complex procedures on more critical patients than previously possible. As technology continues to advance and patients experience better healthcare practices, Some of the many benefits of robotic surgery can be highlighted as follows:

  • Short hospital stay
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Faster recovery time and return to normal activities
  • Smaller incisions, resulting in reduced risk of infection
  • Reduced blood loss and transfusions
  • Minimal scarring

Our multi-disciplinary team now uses the robot in the a number of specialist fields

Utilising robotic technology, surgeons are able to treat many women who have complex gynaecological problems, that traditionally would require large abdominal incisions resulting in significant postoperative pain, blood loss and scarring.

Our robotic surgical system can be used to treat all urological procedures ranging from prostatectomy, cystectomy, partial nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, uteric re-implantation and bladder augmentation. Doctors now have the opportunity to perform more intricate procedures for the prostate, kidneys and bladder with minimally invasive incisions.

Our experienced surgeons are leaders in performing minimally-invasive procedures for prostate, kidney, breast, ovarian, colorectal, gastrointestinal, pancreas and thyroid cancers, amongst others.

Tumours in the throat, base of the tongue, and tonsils can be a technical challenge to reach and have traditionally been removed through surgeries requiring a large neck incision and cutting of the bottom jaw. Advances in surgical equipment have made it possible to reach these tumours through the mouth by using robotic technology.

Our surgeons are national leaders in using conducting weight-loss surgery, including gastric bypass, adjustable band and revisional bariatric procedures. Using the robot’s micro-instruments, our surgeons can meticulously navigate inside the abdomen, while protecting the surrounding tissues and intestines.

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