RHCW Accident & Emergency Care

RHCW Accident & Emergency Care


Accident & Emergency Care

A comprehensive Accident & Emergency Department (A & E) for patient care supported by a well-coordinated road evacuation service that is easily accessible through a dedicated entrance, and has a ramp to facilitate the transfer of patients on stretchers and wheelchairs designed as state-of-the-art Level-1 Trauma Centre, the unit has a large treatment room with one operative tables, lights and anaesthesia machines, cardiac monitors, ventilators and portable x-ray, sonography & 2D echo machines. Two dedicated elevators for immediate transfer of patients to the operating rooms and Intensive Care Units. A Pneumatic Tube system for speedy transport of laboratory samples.

RHCW Accident & Emergency Care


  • 24x 7 access to world class emergency care; the unit is supported by trained emergency & acute care doctors around the clock, with cutting edge technology
  • An easy to remember emergency access no - 020 6649 4936/80
  • Mini hospital on wheels - ambulances those are well equipped and managed by trained personals and doctors to manage all type of emergencies outside hospital.
  • Effective communication system - all ambulances have live tracking enabled GPS connected to central control room and controlled by ems communication system by control room senior emergency physicians. Our ambulances have the ability to transport critically ill patients in need of life support. Having fastest response time in accidents, heart attacks & paralytic stroke.
  • Integrated services and patient care across pre-hospital, a & e department and in - patient teams to ensure seamless and faster transfer of care.
  • Unique department provide the community with clinician’s trained in all aspects of emergency and acute care.
  • Up to date training of doctors, paramedics nursing staff in all aspects of emergency care.
  • Lifesaver’s community - it’s an RHCW initiative at Pune and across peripheries of Maharashtra's, to provide bls training at various societies, institutes, IT hubs, students who can help in saving lives.
  • 24x7 paediatric, geriatric and gynaecological emergency care
  • Ambulance requests on one click on app; emergency - Ambulance No- 020 66 999 888 for Pan Maharashtra Level.

Your care starts with calling this no. The call is answered by trained emergency care personal who would advise and dispatch an ambulance. The ambulance has trained doctors, nursing staffs and paramedics with all essential equipment and drugs catered to deliver care at the bedside or on the road or any scene. There is a 2-way constant communication with the hospital control room to ensure all emergencies been handled and specific areas such as OTs, Cathlab , ICUs are ready to receive the patient with proper preparedness. The RHC ambulance is GPS enabled and is continuously live tracked to provide the team at RHCW an accurate estimate of patient’s arrival.

  • Ruby hall clinic 24 hrs emergency care
  • Cardiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and trauma specialists who are on 24x7 standby for expert care during a medical emergency.
  • At ruby hall clinic; in accident and emergency department one can be assured of receiving globally bench marked medical assistance as the teams singular is to help patient's get better and faster.
  • We have dedicated stroke physicians who lead and manage strokes and a cardiologist to manage heart attacks 24 x 7.
  • 24 hr emergency and trauma care is geared to meet all medical and surgical emergencies including polytrauma, RTA cases
  • We have dedicated evidence-based protocols to deliver timely interventions in critical emergencies including heart attacks, strokes etc.
  • At RHC: A&E dept. Cares the accuracy of treatment and value for appropriate care is more important than the speed of delivering treatment.

The A&E department has a meticulous teaching programme for doctors, nurses and paramedics. The department also conducts teaching programmes for medical professionals and lay people in first aid, life support, and various areas of public areas of public health importance, as a part of community outreach activities.

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