01Micro Ear Surgery for


Discharging Ear

Facial Nerve Paralysis


03Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery


Nasal Polyposis

Advanced Techniques using Microdebrider

CSF Rhinorrhoea

03Facilities available

Skull Base Surgery and Otoneurosurgery

Tonsillectomy ( co-blation: RF)

Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose and Face

Video Endoscopy for Nose, Larynx, Pharynx , ear

Micro laryngeal Surgeries for Voice Disorders

Surgery for Snoring

Head neck oncology


Thyroid and disorders

Salivary gland disease with sialo-Endoscopy


Evaluation of Dizziness

Pure Tone Audiometry

Hearing Aids

Vertigo Clinic

Master ENT Check-up

Ear Nose Throat OPD setup is one of the best in Pune. Our ENT OPD boasts of the latest Nasal endoscopes, 70 degree laryngoscope, Flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscope and 0 and 70 degree Otoendoscopes. This makes it possible to perform diagnostic and small therapeutic procedures in the OPD itself. The department also has a very good Audiological setup. There are 2 well trained, full time experienced Audiologist and Speech Pathologist.

We have a world class OT which is well equipped with latest technology including ZEISS Microscope, Bien – Air Drill, Nasal Endoscopes, bronchoscope and Laser. We also have a shaver system i.e. Microdebrider and radio-frequency. Recent addition is the Coblator that operates on Coblation Technology. Plasma layer which is formed produces less damage to tissue, minimal or no bleeding and subsequent less post-operative pain.

In order to facilitate quick and clear diagnosis and understanding of the ailment, the ENT hospital in Pune provides Endoscopy recordings as a color print-out report or CD recording.

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