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The Emergency Room at Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie is the first of its kind in Pune to implement the “Triage System” to treat patients based on the urgency of the need for care. We have a team of Trauma care Physicians and Surgeons and all efforts are made to provide essential care and investigations in the same premises to save the lives of Trauma patients.

Our EMS trained staff – doctors, nurses, paramedics provide trauma care at the site of the accident. The concept of “Golden Hour” to diagnose and treat patients is followed at our facility for Stroke (brain attack), Trauma and Myocardial Infarction (Heart attack). The hospital is well equipped to cater to medical needs in case of natural and manmade disasters. The Hospital has a separate entrance for Emergency cases, a separate waiting area and an Emergency Operation Theatre for emergency procedures. We have round-the-clock On – Call Consultant cover for all life-saving emergency cases.

We also have an excellent diagnostic backup and a high quality blood storage centre.

There is a dedicated team of Interventional Cardiologists to provide best emergency cardiac care. Our centre boasts of clinical quality indicators meeting international standards – e.g. excellent door to balloon time in cases of PAMI i.e. Primary Angioplasty in Myocardial Infarction.

Emergency Ambulance Services
  • We are dedicated to providing emergency services with highest level of emergency medical patient care, treatment and transport
  • Our ambulances are well-equipped with well-trained EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Doctors & Nurses.
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