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Our Specialities

Women's Care Center (Obstetrics)

Obstetrical care at RHC Wanowarie is offered in a modern, warm and inviting setting dedicated to a woman's unique health needs. Giving birth is one of the greatest joys you can experience. At RHC Wanowarie, physicians and nurses work together to provide special care for you, your family and your newborn. Our staff is dedicated to you.

Pain Control Options

A dedicated Anesthetist is available around the clock to provide pain control options for your comfort. Intrathecal (Epidural) pain management offers the following advantages to mother and baby:

  • Intrathecals for pain control allow the mother to be more comfortable, without complete loss of feeling during labor.
  • Since it allows you to be more relaxed, it can make your baby's passage through the birth canal faster and easier.
  • Because intrathecals are not introduced through the mother's bloodstream, it has a minimal, if any, effect on your baby.
  • We encourage you to discuss pain control methods with your physician during your prenatal visits.

Nutritional Consultation

Good nutrition is very important during pregnancy and after delivery. Our staff of clinical dietitians will gladly schedule a consultation with you on a variety of topics:

  • Good nutrition during pregnancy and guidelines to help both you and your baby benefit from healthy eating habits.
  • Healthy eating habits for gestational diabetes.
  • Basics of your baby's special nutritional needs during the first year of life.
  • Nutritional needs and weight loss after delivery.

Breastfeeding Consultation

  • There are breastfeeding educators on staff at our Center. During your stay, one of our staff members will talk with you to provide breastfeeding education and support.

About Us

Ruby Hall Clinic, in the past 50 years has set new bench marks for standards in the health care industry, the best of which have been adopted and incorporated in the new facility at Wanowarie.

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