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Spine Surgery Now Almost Safe

Spine Surgery - Now Almost Safe

Recently an Instrument Engineer underwent surgery on his back at one of the foremost Spine Clinics in Pune. He was suffering from severe pain in the left leg with loss of sensation in the foot and inability to even sit and stand without acute discomfort.

This is the story of Mr. JPS Dayal who now is totally symptom free and back to his routine. 6'7" tall, weighing 120 kg he was handicapped by his back complaints and forced to be off duty. He tried conservative treatment for almost 4 months. Not only his pain aggravated with time but various activities like unregulated physiotherapy had a negative impact by straining his already weakened spine and made him suffer with neurodeficits. Having exhausted all other options, Mr. Dayal visited Dr. Bhushan Khedkar at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, Pune and was diagnosed with severe nerve root compression in his lower Spinal levels.

"When Mr. Dayal visited my Clinic, he was wheelchair bound. Standing and walking for him was practically impossible. After MRI Scan I found severe compression of his thecal sac at multiple levels of lumbar spine with a fresh disc prolapse at lowest segment” Dr. Khedkar said. "After being diagnosed as a case of lumbar canal stenosis with acute disc prolapse, Dr. Khedkar counseled me to undergo a minimally invasive spine surgery. I had suffered a lot with this unbearable agony and finally decided to go for the spinal surgery as advised” said Mr. Dayal "He rightly anticipated the results of my surgery beforehand and assured me of speedy recovery. My leg pain is totally gone post-surgery. Part of my leg which was numb before has regained complete sensations and power. Dr. Khedkar made me walk within 24 hours of the surgery. I can now walk painless without any support and very much happy with Dr. Khedkar", added Mr. Dayal, expressing total relief.

When asked about the recent trends in Spine surgery Dr. Bhushan Khedkar, Consultant Spine Surgeon at Ruby Hall Clinic Pune said "Now-a-days spine surgery is quick and safe. With advancements in newer techniques of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery the surgical outcomes have drastically improved. Common advantages of MISS are less blood loss, reduced surgical time, rapid post-surgery rehabilitation, and avoidance of fixation in most of the cases. There is less pain, shorter hospital stay and reduced cost of treatment compared to the conventional spine surgery. Patients should not be anxious about any possible complications and should make it a point to visit nearest spine surgeon at the very onset of their back complaints. This will not only prevent patients suffering but with accurate diagnosis the possibility of your surgeon opting for a lesser invasive surgical method increases” was Dr. Khedkar’s expert opinion.

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