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Our Specialities

Physiotherapy Dept

Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine,Rehabilitation &Fitness Centre

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie comprises of a comprehensive team of experienced therapist to meet the specific needs of individual patients and to provide them with quality care.

We believe in treating the individual as a whole determining the root cause to provide correct course of treatment using a collaborative approach to restore fitness and promote an active lifestyle.

Along with rehabilitation program, centre is well equipped with gym facilities by well trained certified seperate gym instructor.Gym membership includes diet counselling by dietician,weight management,fitness training with advance fat loss machine.

Esp services include:-

  1. Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal ,orthopaedic conditions and rehabilitation.
  2. Physiotherapy for neurological condition and rehab.
  3. Physiotherapy for cardiac and pulmonary condition and rehab.
  4. Physiotherapy for Paediatric cases.
  5. Physiotherapy in women' health,ANC and PNC
  6. Ergonomics and Occupational health service.
  7. Matrix Rhythmus therapy which is a German machine is the most recent tech which helps in various acute and chronic conditions with pain and restricted mobility.

About Us

Ruby Hall Clinic, in the past 50 years has set new bench marks for standards in the health care industry, the best of which have been adopted and incorporated in the new facility at Wanowarie.

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