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Our Specialities


When your child needs a routine check-up or an immunization or has an illness that needs attention right away, you can turn to Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie.

Whether finding a pediatrician for your newborn or seeking a surgeon for a complex procedure, we understand that you want the very best for your child. That’s why our centre provides not only caring, compassionate paediatricians and nurses, but field experts in innovative surgical techniques and quality care

We meet brave children and their families who are in need of hope, answers—and, above all, care. For us, meeting the needs of these children and families serves as the driving force behind every one of our missions

Our philosophy of family-centred care means family members are an important part of our health care team. We include parents in making decisions and plans for their child's care. We also include patients who are old enough to take part in these discussions.We believe that involving your family in our care team will provide the best possible outcomes for your child. Through transparency, collaboration and a dedication to finding the best care approaches, we have become a world leader in pediatric medical care.

Quality & Patient Safety

Using a team approach of expert medical staff and employees, it's our mission to achieve the best patient outcomes possible. By doing so, we're devoted to continuously improving our quality and patient safety.

We at ruby hall clinic Wanowarie understand the need for doctors after hours and hence provide a dedicated paediatric team round the clock

Speech therapy, developmental assessment, adolescent care, prenatal antenatal postnatal care, immunization, Lactational consultation, physiotherapy are among the few facilities provided here.

About Us

Ruby Hall Clinic, in the past 50 years has set new bench marks for standards in the health care industry, the best of which have been adopted and incorporated in the new facility at Wanowarie.

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