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Diabetes Screening at RHC Wanowarie : Pune Pulse (05/08/2017)

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie discusses the importance of holistic screening to prevent and manage diabetes : With a genetic predisposition brought to the fore by changing lifestyles, deaths due to diabetes increased by over 50% in India between 2005 and 2016, and is now the seventh most common cause of death in the country. In fact, due to the fast rate at which diabetes is growing in the country, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has named India the Diabetes Capital of the World. If this pace continues, research shows that India is predicted to have 123 million diabetes cases aged between 20 and 79 by 2040.

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IVF Centre article in Pune Pulse (05/08/2017)

Your Journey of Parenthood begins at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie’s IVF and Endoscopy Centre: When you haven’t been able to have the child you’ve always wanted, even after seeking help, it can be emotionally trying. If your goal is to start a family, then our life’s mission is to make it happen. Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie’s IVF and Endoscopy Centre has sealed its position as a true expert in the arena of fertility under the leadership of internationally acclaimed Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar. The centre truly understands your hardship, and is here to provide you with the comprehensive, compassionate care you need to finally have the family of your dreams

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Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie celebrating Spine Week on 16th to 22nd August 2017

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie celebrates ‘Spine Week’ : Chronic muscle and joint pain is increasing its prevalence very rapidly across the world and India is not lagging behind. Over the last two decades, back pain has been ranked as the number one cause of distress in terms of disability created in our life spans. Sedentary lifestyles, technological influence and poor ergonomics are few reasons causing musculoskeletal problems to surface in an explosive manner in our lives. Keeping this in mind, Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie has organised an exclusive ‘Spine Week’from the 16th - 22nd of August 2017.

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Kondhwa Doctors Association general CME conducted at RHC Wanowarie

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie in association with the Kondhwa Doctors Association conducted a general CME on the 5th of August 2017 at the RHC Wanowarie premises.

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Empowering women, Enhancing health : Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie is the only multi speciality tertiary care hospital in India to be entirely managed by women.

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World Hepatitis Day article in Pune Pulse (22/07/2017)

With increasing medical costs and rising concerns due to the spread of viral diseases, there's no shortage of threats. With a number of dangers dominating the news cycle, it's easy to forget the silent threats that also deserve our attention. One of these noiseless threats is viral hepatitis. Viral hepatitis isn't in the evening news every day, but it kills more Indians every year than HIV and all other infectious diseases combined — and it's on the rise.

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Short Stay Surgery article in Pune Pulse (15/07/2017)

Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie performs some of the most complicated surgeries in the country, and cares for patients who require treatment plans that may be different from the norm. The hospital proudly serves patients recovering from day surgeries and minor surgeries requiring short stays at the institute.

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Doctors save life of an eight year old girl

Doctors remove 1/3rd of 8 - year old's liver, save her life. Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie performs risky surgery after girl was hit by a bike and sustained severe liver injury and blood loss.

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Backing you up - Exclusive Spine Clinic

Hale and hearty 64 year-old businessman Subhash Patel was leading an active life. Since the last 5 years, he seemed to be ignoring a backache and radiating pain with tingling sensation in both his lower limbs. With aggravating symptoms and restricted mobility to just 5 minutes of walking since the last six months, he sought help from numerous physiotherapists, acupressure thera- pists and alternative medicine - but in vain.

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Harnessing technology to heal you faster

Ruby Hall Clinic - Wanowarie has now started a comprehensive Day Care facility. This is a first-of-its-kind modern health care unit in Pune providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures.

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Cancer Awareness Drive

World cancer day is observed every year on 4th Feb to raise awareness of the global impact of cancer and increase understanding of prevention, detection, treatment and care of cancer patients. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organisation, cancer accounts for 7,6 million (or 13%) of all deaths.

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About Us

Ruby Hall Clinic, in the past 50 years has set new bench marks for standards in the health care industry, the best of which have been adopted and incorporated in the new facility at Wanowarie.

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