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76 years old diabetic lady suffered from severe mid low back pain which was sudden in onset since 3 months. She also developed proximal muscle weakness in her lower limbs and was bedridden since then. She had to manage her toilet in bed itself.

"I am really tired of my back pain, I have seen many doctors and tried ample of medicines but all in vain. I think I will never be able to walk again independently" said Mrs. Landge when she reached Dr. Hrushikesh Mehata, Consultant Spine Surgeon at Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie.

Dr. Mehata thoroughly evaluated her clinically & radiologically and found out that she had an osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture in her dorsal spine with instability & cord compression at the fractured level. To add to this she also had severe narrowing of spinal canal and compression of nerve roots in her lower lumbar spine level L4-5.

Dr. Mehata explained to the patient & her relatives in detail regarding nature of her spinal problem that she was suffering from and also the need for spinal surgery to stabilize her spine & decompress the spinal cord. All the risks & benefits involved were explained to her relatives in detail. She underwent Dorsolumbar stabilization with cortico-cancellous pedicle screws specially made for osteoporotic bone along with cement augmentation at the fractured level with vertebroplasty. Her Spinal cord was completely decompressed at the fractured level & also lower lumbar canal stenosis was addressed in the same sitting. She was later started on aggressive physiotherapy & rehabilitation post operatively. She was made to walk with support on post operative Day 3. She became independent household ambulatory in about a month time. She is now 6 months post surgery and has no back or leg pain and doing all her work independently. Since past 3 months she is also going outside her house in the neighbourhood doing all her chores. She has also been started on aggressive anti-osteoporotic treatment by Dr. Mehata in the form of daily recombinant parathormone injections & calcium and vitamin supplements to prevent osteoporotic fractures at adjacent levels.

"I am extremely happy the way I have coped up from my illness and this was only possible because of all the efforts put in by Dr. Mehata" says Mrs. Landge in her recent last follow up visit.

Dr. Mehata says "Our society always neglects bone health. We are more concerned only about our cardiac fitness and never bother to check the status of the health of our bones which forms the major supporting structure of our body. Morbidity related to fractures due to osteoporosis especially in geriatric population is second only to cardiac problems. All women after 60 years of age & all men after 65 years of age should undergo bone mineral density test for osteoporosis once in 2 years as we undergo stress test for heart function evaluation. Early detection and prompt optimal treatment of osteoporosis can prevent disaster like that which Mrs Landge underwent. I also recommend that everyone should indulge in an aerobic weight-bearing simple exercise like walking daily for at least 30 mins which will help in maintaining good bone health."

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