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Breast Clinic

01What Is Breast Cancer?

The normal breast consists of milk-producing glands that are connected to the surface of the skin at the nipple by narrow ducts. The glands and ducts are supported by connective tissue made up of fat and fibrous material. Blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic channels to the lymph nodes make up most of the rest of the breast tissue. Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells.

It develops in the breast tissue, primarily in the milk ducts (ductal carcinoma) or glands (lobular carcinoma). The tumor may grow and invade tissue around the breast, such as the skin or chest wall. Those cells may also travel to locations in the body where they are not normally found. When that happens, the cancer is called metastatic.

1 in 22 women develop Breast cancer in India. It is the most common cancer in urban areas of India.

Breast Cancer

02What are the causes of breast cancer?

Although the precise causes of breast cancer are unclear, we know the main risk factors.

Menstruation before age 12

First child after 30 yrs

Menopause after 55 yrs

Advancing age, women over 40 yrs

Hormone replacement therapy after menopause, especially when taken for more than five years.

Oral contraceptive pills containing high amount of estrogen.

Women with a family history of breast cancer account for 5% to 10% of breast cancer.

Certain types of benign breast lumps of breast cancer.

History of cancer of the breast or the ovaries.

Menstrual cycle shorter or longer than the average 26-29 days.

Heavy doses of radiation

High calorie diet intake


Moderate alcohol intake

03What changes should I look for?

Changes in the breast size or shape

Painless lump in the breast

Skin dimpling or puckering

Nipple that turn inwards

Nipple discharge

Swelling in the armpit

04What precautions should I take for prevention of breast cancer?

STAY FIT - Regular exercise for 45mins/day, 4-5 days/week. Intake of low calorie and low fat diet. Reduction of alcohol intake.

SELF BREAST EXAMINATION - Check your breasts once a month, three to five days after your menstrual period ends.

GET SCREENED - Breast cancer screening in the form of mammography annually after 40 yrs.

ASK - A detailed discussion with your doctor regarding use of oral contraceptive pills and Hormone replacement therapy.

GET INVOLVED - Knowing it exists is not enough. Get informed, pass it on.

05Myths About Breast Cancer

Myth 1: A Breast Lump Is Probably Cancer
Most breast lumps — 8 out of 10 — aren’t cancer. It’s more common for them to be a cyst (a sac) or a fibroadenoma (an abnormal growth that’s not cancer). Some lumps come and go during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Myth 2: If You Have a Lump but Your Mammogram Is Normal, You’re Done
You may need more tests, such as an ultrasound, MRI or follow-up mammogram, to take another look at the lump. You may also need to get a biopsy.

Myth 3: Cancerous Breast Lumps Are Always Painless
Although breast cancers aren’t always painful, having breast pain doesn’t rule out cancer.

Myth 4: If You Find a Lump While Breastfeeding, It Can’t Be Cancer
Though breastfeeding does make you less likely to get breast cancer, it can still happen. If you notice a lump while you’re breastfeeding, don’t ignore it.

Myth 5: If You’re Young, a Breast Lump Can’t Be Cancer
At any age, you should get breast lumps checked out by a doctor. In recent times, breast cancer has become more common in 30’s and 40’s in India.

05Myths About Breast Cancer

Yes, it is curable if detected at an early stage,i.e, Stage 0 (pre-cancer), Stage I and II (early cancer).

06Do I need to undergo complete removal of breast if diagnosed with cancer?

No. Early stages of cancer can be treated by Breast conserving surgery. It involves removing of cancer and surrounding tissue sparing the breast. In fact, Oncoplastic breast surgery gives better cosmetic results without disfiguring defect in the breast.

Total removal of breast( mastectomy) is needed in a quarter of breast cancer patients with advanced stage of cancer, large tumor or multiple tumors.

07What is Oncoplastic breast reconstructive surgery?

While diagnosis of breast cancer can lead to a negative psychological impact in a woman, it is necessary to know that most cancers are curable and a favorable prognosis leads to better life expectancy. The psychological trauma of Breast cancer can be aggravated when the affected woman has to come to terms with losing her breast when only mastectomy is done. Mastectomy or loss of breast can induce extreme depression in the patient due to the mutilation which causes loss of her feminity, body image and hence self esteem. This can affect her chances of survival too.

Oncoplastic breast surgery is the integration of two major specialties viz. Breast cancer surgery and cosmetic surgery. This combined approach ensures an improved aesthetic outcome without compromising the local control of the cancer. Breast Lift + Breast augmentation + Breast Conserving Surgery for the cancer is done in the same sitting so that the woman has excellent aesthetic breasts immediately after the primary surgery. It thus leads to better shape, appropriate size, less or no scars and a perked up look that all women dream of at any age. Most women have droopy breasts after child bearing. This gets corrected during the breast cancer surgery.

Oncoplastic breast surgery also encompasses Immediate Breast reconstructive surgery after mastectomy which involves restoration of breasts with patient’s own fat tissue (Autologous reconstruction) or breast prosthesis (Implant Reconstruction). This is done in the same sitting and in our unit the women never need to undergo a second surgery. Thus, Oncoplastic surgery tends to improve her sexuality, restore her body image and enhance her self-esteem hence reduce depression and improve the quality of her life. This in turn leads to improvements in survivorship.

It does not delay adjuvant treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation and hence does not interfere with their outcomes. It gives you the benefit of saving one extra surgery (for cosmetic purposes), symmetric breasts after the surgery and lesser scar problems. This not only gives a normal appearing breast shape but often improves the appearance of breast thus enhancing the body image and self-esteem.

Women feel psychologically better after the surgery which improves the response to treatment and chances of survival thus enhancing quality of life. Studies have shown that there is no difference in the outcome of Mastectomy and Breast conserving surgery. BREAST Q analysis, a validated psychological scoring, done on 150 patients who have undergone reconstructive and oncoplastic procedure, showed that 93% patients were extremely satisfied with the surgery and would recommend the surgery to others.

08What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an X-ray of breast.

A digital mammogram uses less radiation compared to a plain mammogram, hence is safer. Digital mammography is the gold standard for screening breast cancer in women.

09What are the other treatment options for breast cancer?

Radiation, Hormone therapy, targeted therapy, Chemotherapy.

10Why is RUBY HALL WANOWRIE Specialty Breast Clinic the right choice for me?

We, at Ruby Hall Specialty Breast Clinic, aim at providing you the most comprehensive and integrated Breast treatment management centre in the city. Ruby Hall Wanowrie breast unit brings to you the most advanced Breast health services with State-of-the-Art Imaging in town.

We are committed to providing you with information on cancer, early detection and prevention, better diagnostics and treatment options.

Our motto is to ensure that every woman attending the clinic is approached in a holistic manner and briefed about breast health thus raising awareness and culminating myths about breast cancer.

We combine sound concepts of cancer removal with the most aesthetic approaches for breast reduction.

Our team, headed by an internationally renowned Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, constantly strive to serve you with our compassionate care. Our counselors are well trained to support you, relieve your dilemmas and strengthen your positive attitude.

As Pune’s only Boutique hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic offers you our medical expertise with sophisticated infrastructure and equal attention to lifestyle and serves as a one stop destination to your Breast health.

We are equipped with the latest technologies such as Digital mammography, Colour doppler with Breast elastography, 3-D digital tomosynthesis.

11Our doctors specialize in

Oncoplastic Breast Conservation surgery

Reconstructive breast surgery with Implants and flaps

Lymphedema management

State-of-art Diagnostics in collaboration with Orchids breast health centre such as

Image guided needle biopsy

Image guided Vacuum Assisted biopsy for the management of non-palpable lesions of the breast (one of the only centres in Pune)

Trucut , Mammotome and core biopsies

Sentinel Node biopsy

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